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Anna. 26 (1988). Leo/Dragon. ISxJ. Type 5. Gryffindor stanning Hufflepuff. A fraternal twin. Celibate heterosexual cis woman. White. Finnish. Living Tallinn, Estonia. Atheist. Lawblr. Nightowl. Introvert. Feminist. 3 tattoos and counting. Bachelor's in English from JYU. Tallinn Law School.

My privileges: White, cis, middle class, thin, able body and mind, straight, higher education

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Characters I stan:
Angel (AtS), Connor Angel/Reilly, Steve Rogers, Seeley Joseph Booth, Jaye Tyler, Little My, Laurel Lance, Skye

Characters I will defend to death(includes stanning obsessions):
Cordelia Chase, Darla, Dawn Summers, Hannah Burley (fuck you Bones fandom)

My OTPs:
Cangel, Brennan/Booth, JD/Elliot, Paige/Lucas, Frunn, Pepperony, Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, Trimmons, me/whoop ass

Bangel, Fresley


Relationship advice from family

Dad: Don't you ever kill yourself over a guy. Or at least kill the guy first.

Brother: Or if you don't want to go that far, just cut off his genitals.

Me: :/

Watching Brideshead Revisited

Wow, this movie is pretty much every moment I never want to have with a religious person:

Cordelia Flyte: Charles, are you really an atheist?

Charles Ryder: Yes, I am.

Cordelia Flyte: How awful for you. I will put you on my prayer list.


Lady Marchmain: Tell me. I’m curious. Since as you claim, you have no religion, what do imagine you are doing on this Earth?

Charles Ryder: Living my life, the same as you.

Lady Marchmain: But without faith, what could your purpose possibly be?— Happiness in this life is irrelevant. All that matters, the only thing of consequence, is the life hereafter.

Translating into Latin?

Any of my followers want me to translate something into Latin? I just bought a new lovely Latin-English dictionary/grammar and when I go back to Tallinn in a few weeks I want to translate stuff. They probably won’t be very correct because I have forgotten most of the grammar but most people won’t know.

Female movie characters?

Can some of my followers recommend me some awesome original to movies female characters? Meaning characters that originated in a movie, not a play, comic book or novel. I need to love more film-only ladies. Most females I love aren’t original to cinema. Like Peggy Carter, Marla Singer etc.

20. David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz is an actor who can do it all: comedy, pathos, despair, misery, anger, sex appeal… you name it, he can provide it. Which came in very handy for Angel, given that his character went through just about every emotion you can imagine across a span of over 200 years. He was just as good at selling fights as he was at brooding, and his charisma meant that he was always the focus of every scene. Boreanaz’s ongoing success on Bones is proof that he wasn’t just a one-character wonder – just as he was lucky to play Angel, Angel was lucky to have him.

Jayne Nelson, SFX’s 20 Things We Love About Angel