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Inkeri. 25 (1988). Leo/Dragon. ISxJ. Type 5. Gryffindor stanning Hufflepuff. A fraternal twin. Celibate heterosexual cis woman. White. Finnish. Living Tallinn, Estonia. Atheist. Lawblr. Nightowl. Introvert. Intersectional Feminist. 3 tattoos and counting. Bachelor's in English from JYU. Tallinn Law School.

My privileges: White, cis, middle class, thin, able body and mind, straight, higher education

A Tags post is a work in progress.

Characters I stan:
Angel (AtS), Connor Angel/Reilly, Steve Rogers, Seeley Joseph Booth, Jaye Tyler, Little My, Laurel Lance

Characters I will defend to death(includes stanning obsessions):
Cordelia Chase, Darla, Dawn Summers, Hannah Burley (fuck you Bones fandom)

My OTPs:
Cangel, Brennan/Booth, JD/Elliot, Paige/Lucas, Frunn (I co-run fuckyeahfredgunn), Pepperony, Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, me/whoop ass

Bangel, Fresley



nocti is amazing. honest, go follow her you could not possibly regret. i am so glad she is my friend, b/c she actually helped me fight off a panic attack by providing me with facts and reassurance. she’s gr9. 

xlivvielockex asked
I wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday since I'm not sure if I will be here on your actual birthday. So this is a big Happy Birthday! I've really enjoyed following you and getting to know you. You're one of the most earnest and honest people I've ever met. I hope your birthday is incredible. :)

I was so happy when I saw this on Thursday *hugs*

I have enjoyed our friendship so much and I’m so happy you feel that way about me *hugs*

Thank you for your early happy birthday wishes to which I reply late lol :)

I had a really great birthday :D

Anonymous asked
I love you so much. You are so kind and wonderful, and you're brilliant. I know you'll make a great lawyer, and I love seeing you talk about your fandoms. I agree with you on most things, and you're such a joy to talk to. I love you forever <333

Oh Anon *hugs you and kisses your cheek* I don’t know what to say. I’m blushing and smiling and shedding happy tears. <3!!!!! I’m not quite sure who you are (sorry!) but I’m sure I love you too! *hugs*



Ohmygod, Half the time I feel like I don’t appreciate you enough. And which is why I sometimes just see you on my dash and have to tell you that I love you, and although we are not talking fandom-y stuff these days, I think you as one of my closest friends here- tumblr bestie, tbh, because you were here first.

And the level of comfort I feel with you is amazing, but I just feel like you are one of those friends of mine who is always on my side, and I feel equally loyal towards you. And it’s just so nice to see you on my dash. And in IRL equations, I relate you to my BFF a lot (which is a very high compliment)

And yes, you are probably one of the best people I have met. Like in terms of actual ‘good’ could be superhero sort of a person. Because you are so considerate and so ready to fight against any injustice. And tbh, every time you say you don’t feel enough like a Leo, you need to see that about yourself..about how you are always fighting in your own way for justice, and you are becoming a lawyer for that purpose, and even though right now you feel like you are just doing it by tagging angry comments on tumblr posts, that’s still a part of your strong desire to see justice prevail..and I really love and admire that you. Like REALLY.

Basically, you are amazing, and thank you for giving me the incentive to join tumblr.