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Inkeri. 25 (1988). Leo/Dragon. ISxJ. Type 5. Gryffindor stanning Hufflepuff. A fraternal twin. Celibate heterosexual cis woman. White. Finnish. Living Tallinn, Estonia. Atheist. Lawblr. Nightowl. Introvert. Intersectional Feminist. 3 tattoos and counting. Bachelor's in English from JYU. Tallinn Law School.

My privileges: White, cis, middle class, thin, able body and mind, straight, higher education

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Characters I stan:
Angel (AtS), Connor Angel/Reilly, Steve Rogers, Seeley Joseph Booth, Jaye Tyler, Little My, Laurel Lance, Skye

Characters I will defend to death(includes stanning obsessions):
Cordelia Chase, Darla, Dawn Summers, Hannah Burley (fuck you Bones fandom)

My OTPs:
Cangel, Brennan/Booth, JD/Elliot, Paige/Lucas, Frunn, Pepperony, Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, Trimmons, me/whoop ass

Bangel, Fresley



Not an expert but did Booth’s girlfriend Tessa (in season 1) completely change in one episode?

Um, no? She’s the same actress in both of her episodes. Anne Dudek.


Even though I consciously realize how stupid it is, whenever a TV show/movie/song references or says the name of my city/state/general area, my brain always gets really excited and goes, “HEY HEY THAT’S ME! THEY SAY PLACE AND I AM PLACE! ME FEEL IMPORTANT! THEY TALK ABOUT ME!”


13. (2006-)Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) Bones

Brennan: There’s no such thing as over-thinking. You may think incorrectly or inadequately or falsely but the notion of –
Booth: Great got it.
Brennan: - over-thinking
Booth: Got it.

People assume that when you’re alone, you must be lonely. Like most assumptions, it’s erroneous.

(Top 25 characters of my 25 years, chronological order)