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myrskyluodonmaija replied to your post“myrskyluodonmaija replied to your photo:New badges from Pykälä,…”
I know that they had overalls lying around at the fair, but maybe they were just for fitting? Because this sounds way more complicated than I imagined it lol
I would assume they wore just for fitting or possibly just letting people know of the option to get them. For me, the fitting was separate thing that happened once I had ‘ordered’ the overalls.
OK, so I don’t know your situation but are you exchange student or degree student? If you are degree student, that means you have a major and your major has a student organization. That student organization is responsible for ordering the overalls and usually they are good at informing about the fittings and when they’ve arrived and stuff, if you have joined the organization or are on the mailing list.
The sponsor thing is that some people manage to get sponsors, so the logos of those sponsors will be added to the overalls and the sponsors pay part of the overalls so you personally pay less for them. I’m not sure how much they are currently but I think in ‘08 they were over 30€ without sponsors.
I suggest you ask your tutor about getting the overalls or contacting the student organization for your major. If you’re there as an exchange student, I have no idea. But the overalls are fun and nice addition for cold winter night layered dressing.

I’m Angel. I hate sunshine. When did gum get so fancy? This escalator goes too fast.

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